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Guardbridge Community Development Trust

We are a non-profit company independent local body, managed by and accountable to its members which aims to support the development of the Guardbridge Community in Fife.The company’s principle objectives are:

  • The advancement of citizenship and community development by encouraging community co-operation, development and resilience through promoting activities that will assist in improving quality of life in the Village of Guardbridge;
  • The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science by conserving, preserving and protecting local assets for the benefit of the Guardbridge community;
  • The provision of recreational facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities, with the objective of improving community participation and social inclusion.


Community Cabin
Guardbridge Community Garden
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Bite 'n' Blether
Lunch Club for Guardbridge residents over 60 or under 60 with mobility, health or social exclusion issues.
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Eden Estuary Nature Reserve
Otter in the Eden courtesy of Harry Spence
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Quarterly Quiz
Pick one up for a £1 from Dan's Shop, Jodi's Boutique,the Guardbridge Inn or at Dali's Chip Shop.All money from quiz goes towards funding community projects.

The Eden Campus from the Eden old bridge

A Gorgeous Day in Guardbridge

The Old and the New bridges over the Eden

The old bridge or the old Guard Bridge on the right in this pic was ordered to be constructed by Henry Wardlaw the Bishop of St Andrews and was opened 600 years ago this year in 1419 to allow more pilgrims to pay homage to St Andrew. The 'new' Eden bridge is on the left.

Eden Estuary from the Motray Bridge

View from the new road bridge across the Motray to wards the Eden Estuary.

Sunrise over the Motray

A big THANKS to Melanie O'Brien for permission to use this fabulous pic of the sunrise over the Eden Estuary from the Motray bridge.

Guardbridge Community Garden

Another big THANKS to Helena Simmons from the University's Transitions Team and her volunteers for all their efforts. Shot is of our Community Garden after a clean up in the autumn of 2018.

The New Eden Bridge

The 'New' Eden Bridge opened in 1938 which means of course that the old Guard Bridge was in use for all kinds of traffic for 509 years! 

A Modern Pilgrim's View

During the Middle Ages Guardbridge was a 'statio' or station for an overnight stop for pilgrims going to pay homage to St Andrew. It is believed that this station was postioned in the Seggie estate.Pic is taken from this point looking northwards to the old mill houses and the newer housing at the north end of the village.

Mr Fox did aswimming go!

Guardbridge is home to the Eden Nature Reserve and here is rare shot of a fox crossing the Eden Estuary. Courtesy of Harry Spence

The Old Motray Bridge

Bridge under maintenance in late 2018. A big Thanks to our ward councillors for getting it done.

A Two and a bit Bridges View

The pillars of the old rail bridge with the old pilgrim bridge and the new Eden road bridge behind them.

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Bite 'n' Blether

Bite 'n' Blether

Bite 'n' Blether

 Guardbridge Community Development Trust is registered as a charity by the O.S.C.R. - SCO 48276 Website template provided by Digital Fife. 
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